viernes, 16 de septiembre de 2011

Huh Gak // Hello MV

Últimamente han sido 3 entradas seguidas de este hombre y gran cantante, pero juro que no es culpa mía...

Voy a coger un comentario de youtube que me ha encantado, es de una chica, y supongo que aclara cosas que la gente se pregunta y cosas que no...

Well I'm sure 1st  time you watch the video you cant really hear the song because I bet your all attention is on Joker :) but the song is really good, HuhGak has a really beautiful and strong voice. The MV itself is well done and not really that confusing:2 guys who's friend was attected by mafia want to get revenge. While planing an attack they see a girl who wants to kill herself. One guy falls and love and forgets about revenge while Junhie doesnt and tries to kill them himself but fails
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